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First Run: World Vision Run 2012

Race started! Photo courtesy: http://pinoyfitness.com

So, the super athletic friend, Irene, dragged me into one of her fun physical activities again as we both participated in the World Vision Run 2012 held at Global City, Taguig last Sunday.

To be honest, I’m not the type who’s into sports. I’m not a physically competitive person. I do body movements when I have a regular schedule because I want to be fit and be healthy when I grow old. But I must admit that I regret not going into sports when I was younger because sometimes I think I could’ve have been a good football player. I’m currently on the search for a fitness activity that can suit me best. I’m into mountain climbing but it’s now occasional. Then I tried belly dancing but I’m not satisfied. Then I tried this popular physical activity that is running. I think I did quite well for a first timer in the 5k category. Thanks to Irene because when the going gets though, she was there beside me to say encouraging words that kept me running in my toes.

The experience was one of a kind. Maybe it’s because I was a first timer. Before the race, I was really skeptical about this because I don’t trust my own physical prowess. I thought I could never finish this but 650 Php for a registration fee is quite an amount. So besides the promise I gave my friend that I will be there, it kinda serves as a motivation for me to really be there.

One nice singlet

The moment I stepped out of the cab and saw people wearing the event’s singlet, my heart jumped for joy. Everything was a new experience. From the warm-up to the actual running and finishing the race. Maybe I’m just beaming with light of happiness whenever I finish such productive activity.  I feel mostly zestful when I know that I did something and I can tell everyone: “Hey, I’ve done that! I’m not afraid of new experiences!” There’s this gratifying feeling of getting back to the world and being alive again.

Thank you World Vision for sponsoring an event like this. I’ve always said that I won’t join such race with paid registration but you guys are an exception because I believe in your goals and aspirations of extending a helping hands to the needy. You guys are an instrument of God and may you never get tired of doing what He liked you to do. Thank you also Irene for joining me in the 5K category even though you’re really a pro and was eyeing for the 21K mileage. Thank you for the kind words that kept me going through the race. Thank you for the support, Kiko and Madz. Your presence just means a lot to me.


Am I going to run again? I can’t say yet. I’m still holding on tight to my view that I do not need to participate in races that requires registration payment. If I decided to run again and there’s no event from organizations like World Vision, I will race the peaceful Roxas Boulevard at a very early morning. If there’s one thing that I’m sure of, it would still be to encourage everyone to have at least one physical activity that you can commit yourself to, even for at least once a week. This body is not ours. It was just lent to us by Him, we must take good care of it.

GMA Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom

First ride: Anchor's Away!

It was my third time to attend GMA’s Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom and as usual it was helluva fun! I don’t know which free isn’t fun, anyway. It was the network’s 62nd anniversary and I’m just grateful because the company is kind enough, as always, to never forget to treat its employees and their families.

Going to Enchanted Kingdom from Manila is a piece of cake. BBL or JAM buses in LRT Buendia have routes going to Santa Rosa, Laguna. Get off at Waltermart and ride a tricycle going to Enchanted Kingdom. Fare shouldn’t be more than 150 Php. There are also shuttles in Ayala that will take you exactly at EK. I’m not sure what time the shuttle leaves Ayala but the EK personnel said their shuttles in EK going to Ayala are scheduled to leave by 9PM with fare amounting to 180 Php

We, regular employees, were entitled for 2 EK ride-all-you-can passes (if you’re single, 3 if you’re married) with breakfast stubs and 600 worth of wizard money. There were also buses that will drop us off at Enchanted Kingdom and back to the network’s building. There was a storm reported that day but thankfully the weather cooperated with us.

All-day pass, breakfast stub and 600 worth of wizard money each inside these envelopes

The magic starts now

The day was just enjoyable especially that we get to spent it with our loved ones. On my first year at GMA, I went with my bestfriend Paw. Year two was with my siblings and mom. I didn’t went on year three because I was on duty. This year, I went with Kiko and I’m thankful that he was there because he made the day extra enjoyable. It was also absolutely great to meet the family of my officemates. The day was solidly exceptional because it was just pure fun and happiness with people you worked with. And there’s no need to cash out anything! They got everything covered!



We rode almost everything, except Space Shuttle, Log Jam and that hight tower thing which name I forgot. Pardon me because I’m such a pussy when it comes to heights. I kind of feel bad about it because Kiko wants to try it but he won’t go without me. We just walked around the park and look at everything. I introduced him to my officemates and it was good that they finally saw a face behind my every phone calls at work. The foodcourt at EK was always terribly jam packed and I’m not fun of long lines so we opted at the Shawarma House. We’re lovers of shawarma rice so we tried theirs. I’m not sure if I’m just not hungry and they made it too spicy but I really didn’t enjoy it. I even failed to finish my meal and so does Kiko.

By 4PM, we tried consuming the remaining wizard money. We bought food, shakes and souvenirs for his niece and nephew. I’m really getting tired and sleepy because I came from the graveyard shift so once we ran out of wizard money, we finally went home. We no longer waited for the company’s bus. It was scheduled to leave at 7PM and I’m already dozing off by 3:30.


Thanks GMA!

Nevertheless, it was really a great day. I came from the graveyard shift but I didn’t let it interfere with my attendance to this event. It could be my last because I’m planning to have a career move before the year ends and I’m really sentimental about it. I’m glad it was filled with memories that is worth keeping. Thank you, GMA for this wonderful event! Thank you!


Street Food Tycoon: A Promise of Pinoy Gaming

Happy to serve you, Mr. President!

Though I don’t say it much, I’m proud to be a Filipino. I support wholeheartedly every Pinoy creators in the world. I made it obvious because of the books that I usually read and even though I know I anticipate disappointments whenever I watch Pinoy films, I never ran out of chances to give. True enough, the matter have exceeded my expectations more each year. That’s why I was just curious, and maybe excited as hell too, when I learned about a Pinoy game in the App store.  Upon seeing the screen caps, I immediately clicked the download button.

Street Food Tycoon is a Pinoy strategy game released by Kuyi Mobile, a Filipino independent game development company. The main objective is to sell different street food like french fries, fishballs, kwek-kwek and corn dogs and make yourself a street food tycoon.  There are also other special achievements like upgrades of carts and items and unlocking of special characters inspired by Lady Gaga, Vice Ganda, President Noynoy Aquino and much more. You know what else? You can download it for free!

I’m a big fan of strategy games that’s why I became hooked so fast. I played in the MRT, if there’s nothing to do at work, while waiting for somebody, before sleeping or just to kill time. I was thrilled by the progress that I make every time I play. I feel like getting the available upgrade and achievement is a must. It also kind of boost my spirit of never giving up and to get to the top. I finished the game a week ago but I won’t be deleting it yet. I’m hoping for an upgrade by the developers because I truly enjoy this game.

Unlock special characters

And more special characters

I’m looking forward for great updates soon and more games from Kuyi Mobile. Definitely, I’m all out support to every Filipino success there is.

Boracay 2.2 (Day 3 of 3)

To Manille, please!

Our flight going back to Manila is at 12PM and waking up on that morning is such a pain in the ass because once I opened my eyes, I could hear the raindrops singing melody in my ears as the coldness of the weather and warmth of the blanket take away all of my strength.

It’s raining in Boracay and I realized that it’s not more fun in Boracay when it’s raining. I got up by 6AM when I remembered that I still need to get the keychains I bought from the souvenir store the day before. I called up the shop and though their store usually opens by 8AM, they asked me to come by at around 7:30. I dropped by their shop first before having my breakfast.

Service bus going back to Kalibo

I didn’t take photos because the weather is killing my mood. I dislike walking on wet sand, especially that I just took a shower and that it’ll be my condition until I reached home. Thank God we found a comfort room before boarding the bus going to the airport.

We were booked in Zest-Air Philippines. Zest-Air has a different – far different- service than AirPhil. They didn’t let us wait and everything was fast. The plane is spacious and I felt comfortable. We checked in just in time and while waiting for our flight, I bought little somethings like tart and dried mangoes just so my siblings would enjoy my return. Haha!

In love with clouds

The flight going back is probably one of the highlights of my trip. I have this serious and weird fascination for clouds and seeing them so close to me made me feel something unexplainable. I could write a separate entry on how much I love clouds, especially the thick ones.

Thank God we arrived safe in Manila after that 45-minute experience above the sky. If you ask me, I’d still go back to Boracay. Why? I haven’t done everything yet. I’ll only stop if I’ve done something really, really wild. 🙂

i miss Manila!

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On Pasalubongs

One common style of a FIlipino traveler is to buy a remembrance such as shirts or mugs and bring presents or pasalubongs to our loved ones we left our home. I always do the first one. Our locals have created so much wonderful and amazing crafts and I feel that it’s the only way I can help their livelihood.

Buying pasalubongs hold a different story for me, though. I’m not sure if some people thinks it is their way of showing off to others that they’ve been here and there. For me, I think it is simply buying a gift and letting your loved ones know that you remember them even though they’re afar. When I buy a gift, I don’t feel like settling to boring stuff like clothes or picture frame. You are special to me that’s why I’m buying you a gift, thus the gift that you deserve should be special too. Pasalubongs in places that I’ve been often consists of almost the very same thing that is available in Manila. We have dried mangoes, key chains, and anklets here too. That’s the reason why I’m not fond of buying pasalubongs. It gives me  a major headache. When I give something to someone, I want their eyes to widen up and be excited about it. I bet they got plenty of key chains from all over the Philippines by now. I want something ordinary. I want something they’ve never seen before. I want something from a certain place that I can only get from there. Well, I guess I need to be more extreme and more adventurous here.

This custom act feels like a big time pressure to me. I’m not being selfish. It’s just that when I bring out some dough, I want it to be worth it. I don’t want to see it littering elsewhere because it doesn’t have that much value because one can simply get it from, well, elsewhere.

Good thing my loved ones often make me feel that all they wanted was my safe arrival back home. 🙂


SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

Summer is almost over and I’m proud to say that I made the most out of it by getting into two summer getaways with my friends- Boracay last April and Zambales this May. I’ve been exposed to the rays of the sun in the best way that I can and I don’t feel sorry or anything because I’m confident that I can get my fair skin tone back.

How? SkinWhite!

I use SkinWhite lotions on a daily basis and it never disappointed me. In two weeks time, I’m certain that I can get a fairer skin. SkinWhite’s Vitanourish formula complete with Vitamins C, B5, B3, B6 and E will definitely help me achieve a soft and smooth skin. It also protects me from UVA and UVB rays everyday. The boyfriend can’t help himself but caress my skin every chance he gets!

SkinWhite has synchrowhite action that works in four ways all at the same time:

  • Whitens the skin’s surface
  • Reduces formation of new dark pigments at its source
  • Nourishes skin with Vitamins
  • Protects skin against toxins and UV rays


There are other things that the synchrowhite action can do for you. And did you know that a kilig story like this can happen to you, too? Of course it will, just keep using this out for that healthy and fairer skin.

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